Louisiana-inspired seafood restaurant offering
the best selections of tasty local &
premium imported seafood.

Spicy cajun sauce, mouth-watering crustaceans,
sweet corn and cold beers — Roll up your sleeves,
put on your bib & let's get cracking!

Forget table manners, forget your fork and spoon! At The HolyCrab, bare hands and mallet are the tools of choice. Immerse yourself in a uniquely Cajun experience.

A combination of ground spices such as
cayenne pepper, paprika, lemon and garlic.
Our special blend has a varying degree
of hotness; from mild to Holy Moly

Pair the spicy cajun crabs with our subzero
frosted beer and corn cobs for an ultimate
combo experience — a must-try for those with
real appetite.

Place of origin:
This infamous crustacean comes from the Pacific
Northwest, on the coast of Washington. Known for its
sweet and succulent taste, this popular delicacy will
leave you wanting for more!

Place of origin:
Hailing from the Northern Pacific, these gigantic
legs are filled with tender, slightly salty white
meat — a perfect match to the spicy Cajun sauce.

Place of origin:
This cold water king of crustaceans is known for its
sweet, succulent white meat with incredibly smooth
texture. Let it melt in your mouth, and wash it down
with beer. That's how we roll.

Place of origin:
Sourced locally, the freshwater crawfish a.k.a.
crayfish a.k.a. crawdads, is a salivating treat that
is good from head to tail.




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